What People Are Saying About Our EPPP Tutoring Service

Courtney from California, passed EPPP September, 2023 after 15 sessions

"If you are in need of support for EPPP then look no further than David! He is a pure delight to work with which I found to be a really important point when looking for a EPPP tutor. I met with a few different tutors before meeting with David and I found that his encouraging and understanding style was what I needed to help get me through the EPPP process. David always ensured to cultivate a tutoring plan that met my specific needs and helped me to manage some of the stress that comes with EPPP studying through humor. Some of the tutors I met with before David ultimately felt fairly punitive, where as David had a compassionate approach that really helped me to better solidify the knowledge needed to take on the EPPP. All this to say that I highly recommend him and if you are currently studying for EPPP I’m sending you good luck!"

Katherine from Massachusetts, passed EPPP September, 2022 after 11 sessions

“When I initially started meeting with David, I went into it thinking I just needed someone to help me better understand the content. While he's FANTASTIC at that aspect, he provided me something I didn't know I would need so much: confidence. Working with David helped me develop my test-taking skills which proved invaluable when I got stuck on questions in the exam. I'm so glad we got to work together to see this through to the finish line. I highly recommend individual coaching with David!”

Vanessa from Virginia, passed EPPP February, 2024 after 8 sessions

“After failing the EPPP three times, I decided to enlist the help of David. He quickly picked up that I knew the material but struggled to select the BEST answer from the choices given. We worked through different test-taking strategies to help me overcome this hurdle. He was also someone who kept me accountable and on track when studying some of the less familiar material. David is super knowledgeable and incredibly empathetic! I never once felt judged for having failed three times and needing to ask for more help. I certainly cannot thank him enough for all the help he provided on my fourth and final attempt at the EPPP!”

Joe from Kansas, passed EPPP June, 2023 after 17 sessions

“I approached David after not passing the EPPP exam at the clinical level on two separate occasions. I was frustrated as previous methods I'd used for studying did not prove as effective when it came to the actual exam. David helped me break down each domain in a way that reinforced the concepts taught within AATBS test prep materials. He worked with me on developing a plan of how to approach content areas that were more heavily emphasized as well as suggesting ways to optimize my studying time. David was a great asset and I would highly recommend his tutoring support to anyone interested in a personalized test-prep program that will maximize your chances for success!”

Sydney from Texas, passed EPPP February, 2023 after 4 sessions

“After being told to look into tutoring with Dr. David I asked him for specific help on statistics and for clues to look for throughout the exam. In regard to statistics, I have taken 2 undergraduate courses (both of which earned As) and a graduate course (in which I, again, received an A). Did I feel the tiniest bit prepared to take the stats portion of the EPPP? HA! No, no I did not. I told Dr. David to spend nearly all of one session just going over tricks for the stats portion of the EPPP. By golly, I am glad I did – for my specific version of the exam, there were so many stats questions. It felt overwhelming at times. However, the specific clues Dr. David taught in our tutoring sessions helped tremendously. The tips he gave me helped push me over into a passing grade. I cannot thank Dr. David enough for his help. I fully believe I would not have passed the exam if it weren’t for him. He, of course, taught me awesome strategies for taking the exam. He also reminded me to give myself slack, something I often forget to do with exams. I passed the first time and I definitely recommend him!”

Breanne from Pennsylvania, passed EPPP May, 2024 after 5 sessions

“Dr. David was a key factor to passing the EPPP. I had failed the EPPP twice before working with Dr. David and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the process. From the first email and then the first session, Dr. David was extremely encouraging and understanding of the process. He worked at my pace and focused on the areas I identified as a need. Stats was a weak area for me. Dr. David provided test-taking strategies and practical study tools I could use immediately leaving the tutoring session. I was able to use the tools during my studying and during the exam. We also spent time going through the ethics section. I thought that was a stronger area of mine, but the exam questions would often confuse me. Dr. David taught me how to approach the exam questions, which was extremely beneficial. Once I learned how to approach the questions my practice scores increased quite a bit. After working with Dr. David I felt confident going into the actual exam. I used all of the tools and strategies provided in our tutoring sessions and I truly believe this is what helped me pass.”

Jill from Georgia, passed EPPP September, 2021 after 9 sessions

"After not passing the EPPP on my second attempt, I was fully ready to give in. I even began looking for alternative careers. Then, I found David. While I know that I put in the work necessary to finally pass the test on my third attempt, I also know that I couldn’t have done it without David’s guidance and support.

His knowledge base and strategic approach to the exam were just what I needed to get my passing score. Over the course of nine weeks, David and I met seven times. He offered many different strategies for how we could use our time together, and this flexibility allowed me to find a study strategy that worked great for me. Even more, I found the agreed-upon study strategies to be so efficient and effective that I got so much out of each hour-long tutoring session.

In addition to David’s expert approach, his warm personality and generous support are an added bonus. On the day of my exam, David went above and beyond to pump me up and give me the confidence boost I needed to slay The Beast! I will forever be grateful to David for helping me achieve something that had begun to feel impossible."

Rebecca from Massachusetts, passed EPPP in May, 2024 after 10 sessions

“I had failed the EPPP on two separate occasions before reaching out for personal coaching. I was stressed and overwhelmed and felt like I had no idea what to do next. I was starting to feel like I had no hope of passing. David helped me come up with a personalized study plan, understand concepts that were difficult, and build my confidence in what I already knew. He offered support, guidance, and provided a ton of very helpful study materials. After a few months of tutoring, I finally passed and I’m super thankful I made the decision to work with him! I wholeheartedly recommend David for EPPP tutoring!!”

Abbey from New York, passed EPPP in June, 2023 after 3 sessions

"Dr. David was one of the main reasons that I was able to pass the EPPP while 35 weeks pregnant. I had two weeks between exams after my previous unsuccessful attempt and he provided a grounding presence while also teaching me concrete tools that were immediately applicable to test questions. He aided in my ability to switch to a more positive outlook and helped me prioritize the use of study methods that fit my own learning style."

Will from Tennessee, passed EPPP February, 2024 after 17 sessions

"My work with David was an absolute game changer. The EPPP was unlike any test I had taken before. I was in a difficult position after not having passed twice. David allowed me to stay calm by focusing on the content. His professional demeanor made all the difference for me. David has a way of keeping you on track while not feeling overwhelmed. He can tailor your needs to the examination. And he understands how to prioritize to match your strengths and growth areas to the examination. Truly worth the investment. I am grateful that I found David and will not forget what that time meant to me."

Kimberly from California, passed EPPP November, 2020 after 3 sessions

"I had been studying for the EPPP for over a year and did not pass the first two times I took it. I decided to seek out a coach and it was a great decision that I wished I had made after the first time of not passing. Dr. David was so patient and helped me understand concepts in different ways. We also covered anxiety management when it came to the day of the exam and how to approach the questions that seemed completely outside of what I had studied. I definitely recommend 1:1 coaching with Dr. David!"

Sarah from New York, passed EPPP August, 2022 after 6 sessions

"Dr. David's guidance for the EPPP was invaluable. He helped me streamline my studying and assisted with skills specific to passing the exam. I felt much more confident after our sessions and I cannot recommend him enough."

Luke from Arizona, passed EPPP August, 2023 after 6 sessions

“After a month of self-study for the EPPP, I realized my study plan was insufficient, and I needed one-on-one help. From the very first session, I knew David was going to help me pass this test. I took the EPPP in the Summer of 2023, and I passed the EPPP on my first attempt with a score of 644! I came to the first session with a few scores from various practice tests. David took the time to review those and came back the next week with a customized study plan that considered my test date and the domains I needed to focus on. David understood that I did not need more of the same studying methods I had been using - reading, taking tests, etc.

One of the most beneficial things David did was having me answer a few questions from my weaker domains, and he asked me to talk through my thought process as I looked at the answers. He identified several things I could change in my test-taking approach to narrow down answers, which really boosted my confidence. In our last session, I had a few more weeks before my test and David told me I was ready, encouraging me not to schedule any more 1:1 sessions. I couldn't have passed this without my work with this tutoring service!

Jennifer from New York, passed the EPPP July, 2023 after 9 sessions

Works cannot describe the feeling of having this test behind me. I highly recommend Dr. David's EPPP tutoring service to anyone searching for help with the EPPP. They understood the test materials, were able to quickly identify my areas of weakness, and tailored their approach to my learning style to maximize our time together. I will never know if I could have passed without their help, but I am certainly glad I never had to find out. 

One of the largest areas of impact for me was in statistics. This was never an area of strength for me and typically felt like a foreign language. I had ignored the statistics area in a previous test attempt but my tutor found a way to distill the concepts down to a level that were personally meaningful and easy to understand. I ended up raising my statistics score from a 40% on practice tests to 80% and never thought that would happen. The real strength of this program is the individualized attention that you really can't get with the larger prep programs. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

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